Billingual program for students

Haarlemmermeer Lyceum offers a bilingual program for students at different levels: mavo, havo and vwo.

In bilingual schools at least 50% of the subjects are taught in English. The children speak English during for instance geography or history lessons, or during physical education.

The schools still follow the Dutch curriculum and the children need to take the Dutch school-leaving exams. Almost half of the curricular subjects are therefore still taught in Dutch.

International focus

The acquisition of a second language (English) is not the only goal in bilingual education. The schools also usually have a more international focus than regular Dutch schools. Bilingual education integrates this international focus into the curriculum: this is referred to as European and International Orientation.

Network of bilingual schools

All bilingual schools in the Netherlands are part of a network, that is coordinated by Nuffic. Nuffic monitors and regularly visits schools in the network to see if they comply with the standard for bilingual education.

The standard specifies, for example, the recommended level of English proficiency of teachers, as well as guidelines for international orientation across the curriculum.

Collaboration with a Dutch bilingual school

The European and International Orientation of the bilingual schools includes cooperation and exchange with schools abroad. If your school is interested in working with a Dutch bilingual school you can contact one of the schools to explore options for collaboration and exchange:

Children who attended school abroad

If you are relocating to Holland from abroad, you may be considering whether a Dutch bilingual secondary school is an option for your child. Keep in mind that almost half of the lessons at these schools are still taught in Dutch and the school-leaving exams are also in Dutch. So if your child doesn’t speak Dutch, a bilingual school may not be a good option.

Haarlemmermeer Lyceum does offer a special program for non-Dutch speakers who have a certain level of English. You can get in contact with the school for more information about: bilingual education in the Netherlands, information about the program at Haarlemmermeer Lyceum and more about the intake and procedure for students who are interested in our school. and